What Not To Do In Time Management For Your Business

One of the most important skills that any entrepreneur can have its time management skills. In small towns, many entrepreneurs tend to have more than one line of business. Some have seasonal businesses, and some have more than one business. When you are in a smaller market, diversity in generating an income makes a lot of sense for many small business owners.

Secret Of Business: There will always be more work to do that you have the time or energy to get done.

As a business owner, every task or problem seems important. Experts that coach small business owners will urge you to complete the checklist, adopt their ideas for improvement and accept their priorities.

Tip#1: Trying to do everything they suggest too often may end up meaning that you are doing the wrong things at the expense of the things that matter the most in your business.

To Survive in business, you have learn which things are important. This will help you to determine which things to do and which not to do.

Tip#2: Think about the three key income producing areas of your business. Often they are:

  1. How are people finding your business?
  2. How are you nurturing prospects until they buy your products and/or services?
  3. How do you deliver your products or work?

Knowing these three key areas of your business will help you to keep your activities in balance and prioritize what is important and what can wait.

What are the time wasters in your business?

Keep in mind that your business is not the same as mine or Joe’s down the street. What may seem like a time-wasting task for you may be important to Joe. Here are some common time wasters that business owners get caught up in.

  1. Stop trying to get every ounce of performance out of something that works great. There are some things in business that are not worth improving on, because they work.
  2. Realize that you are not Apple, Google or Amazon. They have the manpower and resources to test everything and spend thousands of dollars to make it perfect. If your service or product is working, focus on getting more customers.
  3. Life changes and so does your business and the economy. Realize that making tiny improvements will add up over time and you don’t have to tackle the huge projects right now.

Tip#3: Learning The Wrong Skills In Your Business

There are always things to learn in business and life. What I am going to highlight here are time wasting skills that won’t earn your more money in your current business. If graphic design is your business, great, then you should learn this skill. If you are not a graphic designer, then you are wasting precious time.

  • Playing online of aimlessly browsing, liking, sharing and scrolling through posts is BAD!
  • Using 30 minutes to research something specific to your business is GOOD.
  • Trying to build your website and design graphics when you have customer service or product issues or improvement to do is BAD!
  • Hiring a local graphic/web development company to manage all of those tasks and your marketing is good. You will earn more money with the skills that you are an expert at than trying to save a few dollars and doing it yourself.

There are many tasks that you will have to tackle in business, and they will never go away. Make sure you slow down for a moment and make it a priority to tackle the important tasks that’ll grown your business. Bookkeeping and payroll are an ever-changing industry, that is where we can help you move that priority over to us and save you many hours of headaches in generating your own payroll each month.