Top Questions To Ask A Payroll Provider

Payroll mistakes in your business can happen faster than you think. These mistakes often are costly and time-consuming to fix too. Payroll services are not created equal. For most small businesses, payroll services come down to features, support, and flexibility. You should assess any payroll provider by these capabilities. 

  • Payroll process times
  • Tax protections
  • Customer support
  • Payroll options
  • Expedited services

Here are the most common questions that we get asked about payroll services in the Upper Valley region. 

What Payroll tax protections do you offer?

A big advantage of choosing a local payroll provider is you get someone local, that knows the local marketplace and has the advantage of online payroll software. You can let someone else do the heavy lifting on your payroll and payroll taxes, while you focus on your business. 

We go extra lengths to make sure your payroll filings are accurate and up to date. If you receive a notice from the IRS, or any other tax agency, we’ll work with you and the agency to help resolve the issue on your behalf. 

What kind of customer service do you offer? 

Let’s face it, you didn’t get into business to learn payroll and bookkeeping, so it’s safe to assume that you have a lot of questions about your payroll and will need answers quickly. At Check-Write Payroll, we know how frustrating it can be not to get the help that you need. That’s why we have all of our employees well versed in payroll and bookkeeping, ready to help you when you have questions. 

What is the time frame for payroll processing? 

When it comes to paying your employees, you will need to know how long it takes to process your payroll. With Check-Write payroll has a standard payroll processing time frame, but we can work with you and are flexible to make sure your employees will get paid. Here are some of the many options that we have:

  • Next-Day Payroll
  • Same-Day Payroll
  • Auto Payroll
  • Cancel Payroll

These are all ways that you can run your payroll. Give us a call to find out what is the best solution for your business. 

Are you still not sure who to choose? 

When comparing online payroll software with local payroll companies, you are likely to have more questions than answers, and you may have a hard time getting questions from an online payroll provider. Shop local, live local is the advantage of using a local payroll provider. Our company has the same competitive advantages that any big online payroll processor has. Our advantage is we know the community, the local marketplace, and are here at your doorstep to help you get your payroll in order.