Quickbooks Tips To Make Your Bookkeeping Easier

Quickbooks desktop and QuickBooks online are some of the most popular bookkeeping software solutions for small and medium businesses across the country. In 2019 Intuit has over 3.6 million active users making them one of the most popular accounting programs on the planet. Quickbooks allows business owners to access every financial metric through their reporting features giving them a better understanding of their business. This makes it easier for the business owner and CPA to do functions like print checks, reconcile accounts, create invoices, create journal entries, and process credit card payments.

While Quickbooks is a very robust program, the program is not always user-friendly. To help you save time and frustration, here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Quickbooks experience.

Free / Paid Tutorials

Quickbooks online offer a vast amount of written and video tutorials. Take the time to watch and read many of the tutorials. If those are not enough, go to Udemy.com and sign up for an account and walk through a master class on Quickbooks. These classes usually cost about $45. They are well worth it as they are taught by professionals that use Quickbooks daily.

SpellCheck Is Your Friend

Both versions of Quickbooks have a default spell check feature that, while in theory is helpful, it isn’t always that accurate or relevant to the language of your industry. Product names, client names, and your company name can be flagged as misspelled. You can turn this feature off under preferences.

Connect Your Accounts

Quickbooks online can sync all of your bank accounts and credit card accounts. By having all of your accounts linked, it will pull in the transactions allowing you to create automatic rules to assign them or manually add them to your register. This does make it a lot quicker in getting those statements reconciled each month.

Right Click Shortcuts

There are a lot of features in Quickbooks that you can take advantage of with right-click instead of scrolling up and down the toolbar to find what you want. Righ-clicking on items within the screen will allow you to perform most common commands for each item in Quickbooks.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Quickbooks has several keyboard shortcuts that you should make yourself aware of. These shortcuts work on PC and MAC and cover most of the common actions that you are doing each day.

  • Ctrl+A will display the Chart of Accounts window 
  • Ctrl+D will deletes items from your list 
  • Ctrl+I will open the window for create invoice 
  • Ctrl+J will open the Customer Center 
  • Ctrl+M will memorize transaction or report 
  • Ctrl+W will open the Write Checks window 
  • You can find a full list of shortcuts from Intuit here.