Five Tips For Hiring The Best Employees

Hiring the wrong person is costly and a time-consuming mistake. Here are five tips to help you recruit and hire the best employees for your business.

Finding the right employee for your business can be tricky, whether it is your first hire or your 100th hire. It is a time-consuming process to write a job description, review resumes, make phone calls and do in-person interviews. Even though this process is lengthy and time-consuming, it is well worth walking through the steps to find the right candidate to hire.

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1 Craft a candidate focused job description

To recruit great talent for your company, you need to craft a great job description. It’s a little like marketing. You need to understand the type of person you want to attract to your business. Write your job description designed to appeal directly to that person. Otherwise, you’ll attract candidates who are not a good fit for your company.

Things to steer away from are traditional bullet lists and job duties list and prerequisites. According to the Wall Street Journal, responsibility and requirement-focused job descriptions can turn candidates away and prevent them from applying.

2 Get creative, add a little marketing

Once you have your job description done, don’t post it on the job sites yet. Job seekers are frequently turning to social media to find their next opportunities. Posting your job to social platforms like Facebook, Linkedin and even Instagram are great ways to reach more candidates, especially millennials and Gen-Z candidates.

3 Liven up your interview process

The interview process is often a well-rehearsed dance. This is even more evident in larger companies. You and the candidate sit across from each other in a conference room and recap their resume while asking questions to determine if this is the right person for the job.

To find the best hire for the job and your team, consider taking your interview out of the conference room or your office. Show candidates how employees interact with each other. Give them a tour of your facility to see if they are excited and interested.

Take the time during this interview walk-around to introduce them to some of your current employees and see if there is some curiosity and interest.

4 Look for people with the right personality

When reviewing resumes, it’s common to review skill sets and education and use that as a benchmark. However, it is equally important to remember that hard skills can be acquired after hiring, the right personality and people skills can’t. You want to make sure that this hire is a good fit personality-wise and has people skills with your current team. A key component is to assess their personality skills and overall personality.

5 Don’t settle for the first good fit

The most important thing to keep in mind when hiring a new employee to not to settle for the first good one you find. If your first pool of people are not compatible, go back to the drawing board and don’t hire someone that is not a good fit for your company. If you still don’t find someone, look within your own talent