Five Reasons Why SMB’s Should Hire an Upper Valley Payroll Service

One of the challenges that small businesses face is managing payroll. Processing payroll internally is a time-consuming and complicated process for any size business. Deciding which services to outsource is a major task to running your business. Here are five reasons why SMB’s (Small & Medium) Businesses should hire an Upper Valley Payroll service. 

upper valley payroll service

1 Time Saving

Your time as the business owner is valuable as is your employees. Payroll is complex and challenging with employment laws, taxes child support, etc. included. Energy spent on payroll tasks takes away from the precious time your employees could be selling or servicing your clients. Calculating wages, deductions, preparing checks and compiling reports require a lot of detailed attention. Hiring an Upper Valley Payroll company frees up all those resources and time. Check-Write can help you get organized and stay on top of your payroll. 

2 IRS Penalties 

Did you know that approximately forty percent of SMB’s pay penalties each year for incorrect filings? The penalties typically are caused by improper filings and payments. Don’t take the risk in making a mistake and hire an Upper Valley Payroll Service. We can help you avoid penalties and make sure your payroll taxes are submitted accurately and timely. Another benefit is outsourcing will alleviate the stress and administrative burden you face each week. 

3 Employee Benefits 

Do your employees deserve the best? When you hire a payroll service like Check-Write payroll you get access to state of the art digital systems. These systems make it easier to direct deposit, provide reports and enter employee time cards. 

4 Stress-Free Payroll

Cut the ribbons to upgrading your payroll software each year. There is no need to worry about buying the latest version of payroll software on your computer. Payroll companies like our provide you with advanced timekeeping and payroll software that make it easier each week, month and year. Our Upper Valley Payroll Services include direct deposit, federal tax deposits (940,941), state withholdings, summary reports, report retrieval, general ledgers, call in sheet, payroll registers and much more. 

5 Expertise At Your Fingertips

Payroll is about making sure your employees on time and in accordance with federal and state employment laws. State and Federal laws change regularly, and that lack of knowledge can cost you dearly in penalties each year. That is what you pay us for. When you hire Check-Write Payroll, you get access to a vast amount of knowledge and experience locally. 

If you have questions, problems or just want to understand your payroll better, we are here as a resource to help you succeed in your payroll. With more than 20 years experience in the payroll and bookkeeping industry, we understand our customers needs.