COVID-19: How To Work From Home Sucessfully

Many employers around the United States are now taking precautions to reduce the spread of Covid-19 as the number of cases continues to grow. It is amazing that less than two weeks ago there were very few cases, but now it is topping more than 25 thousand and growing.

The option for employees to work from home is growing even without Covid-19. Working remotely may be an adjustment for many workers. There are a lot of workers in the U.S. that are used to hustle in the office to keep them motivated throughout the day.

Many employers are looking to limit the impact of having employees working from home on their business. The good news for both parties is there are hundreds of technology solutions available today to get up and running quickly and limit the impact on your office. Here are just a few:

  1. Quickbooks Online
  2. Sharefile (secure file storage and sharing)
  3. Uberconference (no software needed, web-based)
  4. Solar Winds Take Control (dedicated remote control)

Take Precautions

It’s easy to not take something like this seriously as we have never faced such an outbreak since the early 1900s. Businesses need to take Covid-19 seriously and protect your employees and yourself. Check the CDC website often here.

Sick Pay Or Vacation Time?

Employers need to understand how statutory sick pay (SSP) rules can apply for their employees during this time when employees become sick with Covid-19. If you become sick, take time off, self-quarantine. Typically there is a 3 day waiting period for SSP to apply. Check with your employer to see what the waiting time is in your area.


Make sure you communicate with your staff and customers about your plans with Covid-19. It is important to keep those lines of communication open and work collaboratively with work situations, time off or sick pay. Many businesses are moving staff to home offices with teleconferencing applications like or Uberconference.

Your clients are super important to your business and you should communicate with them how this is going to impact customer service, product production, etc.. If you can, cancel all your in-person meetings with clients and move to video conferencing. This helps to dramatically reduce the spread of Covid-19.

Keep Your Business Open

We understand that there is going to be an economic impact on your business no what you do during this time. As Covid-19 continues to rise, there are simple steps you can take to stay safe and keep your business humming.

  • Move to take out instead of dine in
  • Accept clients by appointment only
  • Reduce in-store visits
  • Limit staff, but rotate shifts so people can still get enough hours
  • Work from home

We wish everyone the best during this time. Our staff are available by phone and email.