IRS Scammers Be Gone: What is happening to them now?

By CheckWrite / July 12, 2018

Good news, the United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the “first ever large-scale, multi-jurisdictional prosecution targeting scamming calling centers from India” were charged and plead guilty to fraud and money laundering scheme where they impersonated IRS officials ripping people off. This is great news, not that it will stop the bad practice completely…

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You Can’t Afford To Believe These 5 Myths About Passive Income

By CheckWrite / June 12, 2018

Wouldn’t it be great to sit on the beach in sunny Florida with the waves gently lapping at your feet while enjoying a nice iced-tea? Today, this is a common dream for many young entrepreneurs. Everyone would like to work less and earn more, but at what expense? You hear it in the news all…

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Five Reasons Why SMB’s Should Hire an Upper Valley Payroll Service

By CheckWrite / May 18, 2018

One of the challenges that small businesses face is managing payroll. Processing payroll internally is a time-consuming and complicated process for any size business. Deciding which services to outsource is a major task to running your business. Here are five reasons why SMB’s (Small & Medium) Businesses should hire an Upper Valley Payroll service.  1…

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Holiday Seasonal Employees & Payroll: What you need to know!

By CheckWrite / April 30, 2018

Many businesses throughout the Upper Valley hire on seasonal help for the busy season.  These additional employees can contribute to making your holiday season a success. Of course, when hiring temporary help, you need to treat them with the same respect as your permanent employees. Make sure you consider any particular tax, financial or legal concerns…

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How Do ACA Contributions Work For NH SMB Employers

By CheckWrite / March 15, 2018

Small and medium businesses are the unsung heroes of the American economy. In 2010 there were more than 27.9 million small businesses in the United States.  Fifty-four percent of small businesses account for 54% of all U.S. sales driving our economy and NH SMB Employers. Many of these SMB’s get bogged down by the total…

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How To Hire Great Employees From An Upper Valley Payroll Company

By CheckWrite / February 8, 2018

I once went to a conference about business, marketing, etc.. and the speaker said that there are two groups of people in business today. The first group is in business to fit their lifestyle and the second group is to build their business. I thought that was interesting and it goes me thinking about how…

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NH Payroll Services and The Affordable Care Act Requirements

By CheckWrite / January 10, 2018

The Affordable Care Act which is also known as “ObamaCare” was signed into law on March 23, 2010. Since it was signed into law, there have been many changes over seven years. It’s a law that has kept us in the payroll community on our toes over seven years. It is laced with tons of…

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Starting Up A New Business? Here’s How To Calculate Your Costs

By CheckWrite / December 20, 2017

How much money will it take to start your new small business? Calculating the startup costs for your small business can be challenging. These numbers are essential to request funding to attract investors, and estimate a return on your investment. Here’s what you need to know. Figure out your costs before you launch that new…

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Great Ways To Get Your Clients To Remember You

By CheckWrite / November 30, 2017

There are many ways to engage your clients today, social media, sales calls, and network marketing. You should assess each strategy and make sure it works for your business. Here are some ideas to help your customers to remember your business. 1 Provide good value over fast service. Clients that receive a good value-driven service…

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The Benefits of Using an Outsourced NH Payroll Service

By CheckWrite / October 17, 2017

What happens when you bookkeeper of 20 years moves or retires or takes a new job? Now, you have to hire a new accountant to manage your books and payroll. There will naturally be a learning curve for any new bookkeeper to manage your books and payroll. That brings us to the question that many…

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The Real Cost Of Manual Time Sheets For Your Business Payroll

By CheckWrite / September 12, 2017

Let’s paint the picture of what really happens with time sheets. It’s 8:05 am, your employee Dan just got to work and are settling in at their desk. Fast forward to Thursday evening when that same employee hands in his time card. He wrote down 8:00 am and 5:00 pm on the time card even…

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