The founders of Check-Write Payroll Service recognized that there was need for a payroll service that was able to respond swiftly and personally to the requirements of small and mid-size businesses. Their understanding of the unique challenges that such businesses face, led to one of the cornerstones of the company - The belief that a payroll service is most effective when it partners with its clients to provide a convenient and reliable solution to all their payroll needs. That belief is as fundamental to Check-Write Payroll Service today, as it was when the Company was founded in 1989.

Cindy Hollis

Cindy Hollis joined Check-Write Payroll Services in 1995. Always a numbers person, she had studied bookkeeping in high school, but she started her work career in the garment industry, filling a number of office rolls and customer service. Four years later, she moved to another company, where she worked under the owner and general manager as assistant manager. One of her key tasks was to process payroll. When the general manager retired, she took over the job and decided to outsource the company payroll to Check-Write Payroll Services. In 1995, when her employer sold the business, she moved directly to Check-Write as its new general manager. Her focus now is management and sales, but she still answers the phones when customers call.

Cindy lives in Enfield, New Hampshire, with her husband Jim. As a child and young adult, Cindy was a competitive roller-skater in freestyle, dance, pairs, fours, and speed skating. At eight years old, she was 25th in the nation in roller-skate dance. Her sports now are golf, Sudoku, reading, sewing, and “doing stuff with my husband and family.”

Jessica Goodrich

Jessica (Hollis) Goodrich has been involved with Check-Write almost since birth. At an early age, she began assisting her mother with filing, answering phones, and other simple tasks. By the time she graduated from Mascoma Valley Regional High School in 2001, she had already progressed into payroll preparation and QuickBooks accounting.

Jessica attended Clark University and graduated cum laude in 2005 with a BA in U.S. History, concentrating in Race and Ethnic Relations. (She was was also an active member and music director of the Clark Bars, Clark’s coed a-cappella group.) After Clark, she completed the intensive, eight-week graduate-level Tuck Business Bridge Program at the Tuck School of Management in Hanover, NH. Jessica began her accounting career with Schiffman & Company, PC (now SCHIFFMAN, DATTILIO & COMPANY, P.C.) as the office manager. This led to small bookkeeping projects, and Jessica discovered that she enjoyed accounting and working with small business clients. Offered a position as a staff accountant and auditor, she gladly accepted and spent five years working closely with personal accounts for high net worth individuals/families, closely held businesses, nonprofit organizations, manufacturers, and technology service providers.

Now back at Check-Write, Jessica focuses her efforts on assisting business owners with developing accounting systems, implementing accounting software, establishing internal controls, maintaining day-to-day financial data, performing simple monthly reconciliations, and more complex projects such as financial statement analysis and budgeting and year-end preparation of annual tax and audit data. As a Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, Jessica can specifically tailor the software to the needs of her clients. She also provides basic training in financial accounting to clients who wish to take more responsibility for their own financial data and procedures.

Jessica currently resides in Enfield with her husband, Dennis Goodrich, their two sons, and (befitting “a proud Cat Lady”) three Siamese cats. She is a passionate strength-training enthusiast, fitness model, and natural figure competitor with the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders (OCB) and the International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (INBF). She loves photography and outdoor sports, particularly hiking – two hobbies that she says go great together! When she says, “I love what I do,” she means both at work and at play.